Creative Vegan Green Curry Linguine

Thai & Italian fusion – Green Curry Linguine. Our authentic vegan Thai Green Curry Paste derives its vibrant green hues from Green bird-eye chillies. Here’s how we make use of our green curry paste with linguine.

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vegan thai green curry paste

Vegan Thai Green Curry Mushroom Recipe​

Save yourself from the hassle of preparing all herbs from scratch, simply add in coconut milk to our vegan Thai green curry paste to enhance the flavour profile of this fragrant, hearty Thai Green Curry.

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10 Minutes Tofu Miso Soup Recipe

10 Minutes Tofu Miso Soup Recipe Our vegan Japan Miso Paste boasts a mild, sweet flavour that is perfect for vegetables, soups, dressings and marinades….

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Vegan Sambal Penyet Meehoon

Authentic Sambal Penyet Fried Vermicelli

Taste Capture’s tantalizing vegan Sambal Penyet sauce is made from fresh juicy tomatoes pulverized with flaming hot red chillies, kaffir lime leaves and aromatic herbs. Addictively spicy with sweet, sour and savoury undertones; this fiery sambal native to East Java is guaranteed to leave your tastebuds salivating for more.

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Miso Stir Fry Sugar Snap Pea​

Miso Stir Fry Sugar Snap Pea

Miso Stir Fry Sugar Snap Pea A staple in Japanese cuisine, Miso is incredibly versatile and its usage is limitless. Let’s explore into wholesome Miso…

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Vegan Japan Miso Ramen at Home

Enjoy vegan Japanese Miso Ramen at home with Taste Capture Miso Soup Paste. It is lovingly concocted and has a great balance of sweetness, aroma, and savouriness, without being overbearing or overly salty.

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Quick & Creamy Vegetable Curry

Taste Capture Curry Paste is made with aromatic Southeast Asian ingredients which include chillies, lemongrass, candlenut, galangal, turmeric, cinnamon, and curry leaves. For curry-enthusiasts, this is a must have paste in your kitchen. Definitely a time-saving way to prepare a delectable meal for your family.

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Penang Asam Laksa In 5 Minutes

Unable to travel to Penang? Worry no more. Get your Penang Asam Laksa ready in 5 minutes using our Concentrated Asam Laksa Paste! The aromatic tamarind broth will surely tantalise your taste buds and whet your appetite with every mouthful.

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